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D & B Home

Realize Your Vision With ​LJH Construction

A kitchen renovation is a great investment that yields immediate and high returns on the value of the home. Working with our experienced team can bring as much as 40-60% increase in the home’s value. We do so by working within a budget to:

  • Maximize space & storage
  • Design to modernize or be period specific
  • Specify lighting solution (island chandeliers, track or pot lighting, ambient LED lighting)
  • Offer the designer materials, such as LAMINAM, back painted glass wall panels
  • Source appliances, cabinetry, fixtures and counter tops (marble, corian, reclaimed wood, granite)

It is imperative to make sure that the newly created space blends beautifully with the remainder of the home, adding to the presence.


D & B Home




South Surrey

Year Built

Aug, 2016